Friday, March 04, 2005



Running me absolutely ragged.....

Lil one is just 5, so she is still in preschool, next town over. Next year, I won't have to drag her into the car, and drag her out of the car, and up the preschool steps, and into her class, with her HANGING ON TO THE BACK OF MY COAT hiding from her teacher and her friends every day. The bus will come right to the door.

whoopee. Funny what little it takes to make me happy nowadays.

Fridays are rough in this family. After the alarm goes off it is non -stop motion. Get the big one (kiddo) out of bed, get the lil one out from hers, start coffee, get kiddo out of bed again, start breakfast, let the dog out, get kiddo up again, etc. After the bus gets kiddo, it's the rush-hour traffic race to preschool, where we are invariably late and get the evil eyebrow look from the assistant director. I swear if she tells me class starts at 9 am ONE.MORE.TIME. I will throttle her. After I peel lil one off of my leg and make my escape from her class, I have a WHOLE HOUR to myself, minus commute time. Of course, since I discovered this whole blog world that I really didn't know about, I do nothing but suck down coffee and read.

Ah, breathe, time to hit the road again. After dragging lil one out of her classroom, because by now she has remembered that she likes school and will protest that she doesn't want to go home yet, we now get to race to the chiropractor's office, where my sis has just gotten a part-time job, and pick up my ADORABLE 1 yr old nephew to baby-sit. When we finally get home, lil one will want SOMETHING, ANYTHING, in order to get my attention, while I try to keep a one year old boy happy. breathe
Oh, then Kiddo gets home and the real fun begins. She is very much like me, a constant reader, and I will continue whispering at her to get her dance stuff, get her dance stuff, get her dance stuff (because the nephew should be napping by now) as she ignores me and continues reading. By four, she must be ready for her ride to dance, and she never is. Grrrrrrr. breathe
After she leaves, I have oh, maybe a half-hour to get lil one and the baby ready to go BACK to the doc's office, so my sis doesn't have to drag her butt all the way to my house to get her son.
I am a very good sister
By the time we get home, my darling husband will be nearly home, and though he doesn't expect June Cleaver, he will be wanting to at least see some sort of preparation for dinner going on. HAH. I am lucky to get lunch some days.

I just read this over, and I cannot believe I actually managed to get this page started today. I really don't feel as pissy as this post sounds, by the way.

I will attempt to figure out why picasa2 is seizing up on me tomorrow, after about 14 hours of sleep, and maybe actually post pics.


snaps79 said...

Welcome to Blogland! It IS addicting, isn't it?

LadyBug said...

1. Breathe.

2. And also? Breathe.

3. I'm worn out, just reading about your day.

4. You're a TERRIFIC sister.

5. Welcome to the blogosphere. Any friend of Colleen's is a friend of mine.

Colleen said...

Boy. I am tired just reading that! Isn't it amazing that preschool takes so much effort for us? For 2.5 hours of quiet?

Have you tried Flickr? I did not like picasa, either.
But it's good to have both options. I found I can do a lot more with Flickr.