Monday, March 07, 2005

Kristine, as if I needed another reminder to be thankful...

made me cry today. She is a gifted writer, and an awesome mother. If you get the chance, read her post today titled " I Know."
After I dried my face, I cuddled Kiddo up for a little extra time, and we headed out to get some shopping done at Costco.
Kiddo was pretty good. As a rule, she does not walk in Costco. She gets a choice between the front seat or the cavernous back area of the cart. The carts are so big, and people are not careful enough with them, in my opinion, especially around the free samples. She continues to ask to be let out, but she really knows that the answer will not be the one she is hoping for.
She didn't whine too much, or plead incessantly for whatever toy/book/movie caught her eye. It was really amazing. Could be why when she asked again at the checkouts, I gave in.
We finished up and headed out into the blinding sunshine, enjoying the great spring-like temperatures. Glorious weather, really.
She , incredibly, continued listening as we entered the parking lot. She needed only gentle reminders to stay close to me, and to keep herself between the cart and the parked cars. I was really impressed. And then...
The glare was pretty intense. I guess it blotted out a person's ability to see brake lights and/or backup lights. Just as we ambled behind a giant SUV, the driver started backing up.
All intelligent thought left me brain instantly. My child was between me and the reversing SUV. All I could seem to do was shove the cart forward, reach for her and scream " WAIT WAIT WAIT" over and over. Why "WAIT ", I dunno.
The lady driving slammed on the brakes as I screamed. Poor Kiddo had no idea what was happening. One second she was walking along, the next her face was smashed into my belly, and she lost one of her 'clog' sneakers behind her. Neither one of us was hit. Thank God.
The poor lady jumped out of her truck to check on us. We were both shaking, and lucky for her she was apologizing over and over, and making sure we were alright. I am sure she missed us in the sun, and it was truly accidental, but had she given me the littlest bit of attitude, I would have pummelled her. But she was very very nice.
I calmed Kiddo down, put her shoe back on, and then we made it safe and sound to the car. I stopped her before she got into her booster to give her an extra hug and kiss, and to tell her how proud of her I was for listening so well. As I put the Costco booty into my trunk, I whipered prayers of thanks over and over.
Thank You again God. I know the lady wasn't going very fast yet, and Kiddo would probably not have been run over, but I wouldn't have liked to find out.
Kristine, here is another mom who will be taking those cuddle opportunities for granted a lot less.


Random and Odd said...

OMG, I swear I just teared up reading that!

Whenever we all go out (7 of us in total) and we are crossing the street I loudly say, "PAWS!" and everyone hold hands.

The girls never liked 'holding hands', but when I called them paws they didn't seem to mind much.

*HUG* to you and Kiddo.

I took the girls out for ice cream today after school and just watched them run around all heathly and happy.

Sweet blessings today.

Colleen said...

scary. i am a bit of a safety lunatic when it comes to cars. i have a terrible imagination. we went to costco sunday, as a matter of fact, and you know how nj drivers can be., some old lady was running a stop sign and seemed hell bent on wiping us all out. grrrr.

LadyBug said...

Okay, so I should NOT have visited your blog and Kristine's on the same day. Now it seems like such a looooong time until 5:00, when I can leave this office and go home and smoosh my own kiddos and smother them with mommy-love.

I'm so glad you and Kiddo are okay.

God bless,