Thursday, March 17, 2005

Pretty Pretty Please?

okay, I just tried to plead with Blogger, please stop losing my posts into the ethernet, please let me comment on my LOVELY FRIENDS SITES', and it keeps auto-posting ONLY THE TITLES.

Oh Blogger, dear blogger, I am sorry I got bitchy with you. Could I pretty pretty please have regular access for posting and commenting? Please?

If not, maybe I could just read the comments on my own blog? please?


Greenthumb said...

I had a little talk with the bully known as blogger. He promises that he's working on getting things worked out, but he feels overwhelmed at the same time.

For now, I hope this comment will work and bring you much needed contact, seeing as how there will be no comments today in dooceland.

Dang Cold.. said...

test comment. blogger is run by poo-poo heads.


Broken Bindings said...

hey guys! wow, I can read AND post, where's some wood to knock on?

poo-poo heads, heh heh you sound like the kiddo

part-timer said...

inconsistently commenting, here. this one worked. Yay!! Bloggrrrr is right. so is Flickrrrrrrr!