Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bloggers and inhumanities

Wow. What a war zone the web log world has become lately. I am new to this posting thing, but I have been an avid reader, and commenter, on some very excellent websites.

One of my favorites is the website of Heather B. Armstrong. In her renown as a blogger fired for her website, she has been called on to give opinions and interviews to many news agencies about the dangers of blogging too close to home, (or work, as the case may be). Yesterday, she posted a spiteful, horrible, illiterate and misogynistic email she received. She and some of her friends had gotten together to respond to the jerk's accusations and ignorance.

It was quite funny, really. Heather's typical sense of humor shone through, even through her righteous indignation at being attacked by said reader. Yes, she posted the email address the sender used. That is her right. And it is not our to judge her for that.

The comments last night got downright ugly. I had expected nastiness directed toward the email sender, and even some stupid troll-posts directed at Heather, but I did not expect some of her regular commenters' attacks on one another. It got so nasty that it kind of freaked me out. Name calling, shaming, and hating. It was a little scary people.

Do people think that they are not going to hurt anyone when they type such things? In my past life as a dispatcher, we were trained about a phenomena called 'the disembodied voice'. This is where callers to 911 or any other emergency-type service don't always get it at first that they are actually talking to a person on the other end of the phone. They don't always treat you like a human being. Sometimes you are just a voice.

As of this writing, that website has not had a new post. Also, comments have been turned off. I hope the voice doesn't get turned off too.


LadyBug said...

I couldn't agree more. I didn't even comment last night 'cause things had already gotten so ugly. I just didn't want to get in the middle of it. I did send Heather an email this morning, expressing my support. I just hope I didn't sound like a big dork.

And, like you, I hope the voice doesn't get turned off either.

Thanks for your post.

Random and Odd said...

I was more freaked out by the lady who stole Heather's pregnancy pictures for her own, and wrote, "My little baby is in there."
That REALLY creeped me out.

I love her writing and I don't think something like the commenters getting crazy (I missed the whole thing) will make her stop, but I have a feeling the comment page will have to be shut off for a few days until everyone calms down.

Nice blog, I like it!!

Random and Odd said...

OH yeah, you're my adopt a blog this month!!

cristin said...

thanks ladybug, for your comment. I actually got into a very calm debate with one commenter, we just went back & forth with point and counterpoint, and it stayed respectful, thankfully. But the other sniping and nastiness really got to me too.
And I'll bet you didn't sound like a dork :)

Kristine, thank you so much! I am honored. Guess I need to figure out how to fix my site meter thingy that disappeared after I changed templates...:P

Carol said...
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part-timer said...

I totally agree. It's hard, this internet. But I'm glad we have our wonderful peeps. I love your blog!

Amanda B. said...

Things did get very strange last night. That seems to happen when people try to judge a situation like that one. It's impossible for everyone to agree and get along.

Siiiigh. It'll pass. :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Cristin,
I've kind of laid off leaving posts on Dooce because of what happened...but it's still fun to go on and read other people's 'thoughts'...and email addresses, hehehe

Thanks for the comment!

Have a Glorious Weekend!

Dang Cold.. said...

Things did get a bit out of hand. Sometimes its really not what you say but how you say it huh? Also, I was VERY freaked out by the girl who stole heathers pregnancy picks. I understand that they've since been removed from that sight.


Greenthumb said...

Man, you take an evening out of comment land to write a post and you miss a lot of drama. Not that I mind.

Welcome Cristin, to the blogosphere of love. I'm really impressed by the folks I've met here and it's become such a welcome retreat for me personally.

I enjoyed your posting immensly and I look forward to more from you.

Ya, and how about that Kristine...she kicks ass, but wouldn't we all if we had a rockin' D70. I think there is some magical spark put off by that camera.