Sunday, March 13, 2005

Okay, back to non-disgusting topics

Heh, I guess I don't have Dooce's flair for entertaining poop posts. Oh well. We are right now taking things one day (or one hour) at a time with Kiddo.

I got a little bit of a break from her yesterday. I am a helper with the Bookworm's Girl Scout troop, and yesterday was the dreaded 'booth sale'. As Girl Scouts USA now discourages door-to-door selling, we now need to order CASES of cookies extra for the troop, and set up a table at local businesses, such as grocery stores, Wal-mart, etc.

It is through the troop, however, that I became aware that I am not nearly so tolerant with other people's children.

One of these girls in particular, has a death wish. These girls have been together since kindergarten, and are now in 5th grade. This one devil child does not grow on you. What wasn't even cute in kindergarten is now unbelievably annoying in a fifth-grader. She is rude, obnoxious, selfish and mean. the rest of the troop can't stand her either. GRRRR> They moved out of otwn, to the next town over, and I really thought she would leave the troop. Our sainted leader, my very dear friend, took pity on her mom and said sure, she can stay in the troop.


Good thing I'm not the leader, huh? I'd have said SUCK IT!

The girls raked it in in four hours at ShopRite. nearly 500 dollars! Incredible.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean...other people kids that are that ill-behaved drive me nuts. I learned that I do, when their not devils spawn.


Amanda B. said...

Mmmmmmm. Girl Scout cookies. Send me a case of tag-alongs pleeeeease. ;)

Broken Bindings said...

So sorry, amanda, we nearly sold out of Tagalongs, and are completelt out of thin mints too. anything wlse we can get ya? :)

LadyBug said...

When I was in Girl Scouts, I was a little cookie-selling machine. That was back in the days of door-to-door sales. My mom took me to all the downtown businesses, and I ended up selling enough cookies to send my whole troop to camp for two weeks.

I know what you mean about other people's kids. I know a few kids like the one you're talking about. They just make me wanna SCUH-REAM. Or, you know, whack 'em with a blunt object.

LadyBug said...

Cristin, would you email me, please? I have a question, but don't want to leave it in a public comment.


Colleen said...

i am usually more tolerant of other people's kids because i can walk away from them, but i haven't done the brownie troop thing. i think i would have to get a cattle prod for the mean kids. "ooh, sorry. you must be really mean. my mean-o-meter keeps going off"


Colleen said...

OH, AND BY THE WAY, I LOVED YOUR PICTURES. oo, sorry for shouting. there's a really cool way to put your pics in your posts. you can copy the text for the pic and paste it where you want in the middle of your writing. click on the "different sizes" link on the right of any picture (under "additional information.")then you can copy and paste the html right into your paragraphs where you want the pic to be. you can even do your profile by using the photo's url if you want. fun!

Broken Bindings said...

aah, thank you. I am just the grasshopper


I swear I am gonna learn all of this stuff soon, like links lists and such

I am such a dork

Broken Bindings said...
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Broken Bindings said...

ladybug, not a problem, but I don't have your addy-

send to