Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Two words for you


that is all.


Colleen said...

hell, yeah, i know it got denville all wrong. if i dare use mapquest to get people to my house, it would end friendships.

Greenthumb said...

ya, it has us living one street north of where we actually are. Bite me Mapquest!

LadyBug said...

Is that why you haven't been posting, Cristin? You're LOST??

I don't care what he says, hon, STOP AND ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!

Broken Bindings said...

heeeeeee! you guys.

no, haven't been posting because my girls have me on the treadmill to the nuthatch these past few weeks

stay tuned, big day today

Ern said...


The solution to all evil map quests. I discovered it when I was on dialup, and it loaded 3x as fast as mapquest.

Closet Metro said...

try maps.google.com I like it much, much better.