Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Great sisters come in sets of three

I have three sisters. Actualy, two of them are my stepsisters, but since our parents have been married now for 25 years, the step part no longer counts.
We all gathered Sunday at Sissy's house. She is six weeks younger than me, and constantly reminds me of that fact, by the way. All of the hubbies decided to throw a cookout for the wives, and let Sissy's hubby be in charge of the purchasing. Big mistake.
With children, our party was a grand total of 17. Present was my family, 4 of us, all 3 sisters, their hubbies, and my niece and 3 nephews, and my Dad's ex-wife and her 'friend'. My kids call my step-sisters' mom "Grandma Dee" and just consider her another part of our very big family. (My mom is one of 6 kids, my dad is one of 5).
We played lots of volleyball, had many shots and mudslides, fabulous salads, hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled pork loin. I was impressed with my bro-in-law's preparations. Until.
Until we were packing up to leave, and my bro-in-law started asking for the guys' shares of the cost. He wanted a hundred bucks apiece from each of the hubbies. I handed the Brit the cash, as he NEVER carries enough, but started scratching my head, wondering how he spent over five hundred dollars. We found out.
My mom, as usual watching out for her baby chickies, asked how he could have spent that much. The answer?

He forget to take out and cook the three huge london broil steaks, had purchased 4 cases of beer, 6 cases of soda, 6 different packs of buns, 12 bags of chips that never got opened, 3 'box' wines that are still in his garage, and a box of one thousand plates.

We paid up and left, but my sister now has to host ALL of our summer parties, and maybe Thankgiving, Chrismas, and New Year's Eve too.

I hope all of you mothers out there had a great Mother's day. I have tried to post since Monday, but blogger ate my homework.


TBG said...

Don't ever leave men in charge of party items, they always buy way way too much or so little you dont even have enough to feed their immediate family. My husband is the way way too much buyer, so sadly i have to leave him with detailed amounts if he goes to the store. Glad to hear you had a nice mothers day.

Oh I found your site through Carol.

LadyBug said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice time. But I think I might've had to kick brother-in-law's butt for that one.

Colleen said...

ha ha ha!! sounds so familiar... are we in the same family?

cristin, i have missed you! we need to meet at starbucks or something. even though i can't stand that coffee .

Amanda B. said...

Mmmmmm. Your parties sound very niiiice.

Thanks for the sweetness the other day. It meant so much. :D