Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is this thing on?

Hello All of you millions of worshiping readers of Broken Bindings. Guess what?


and I really needed one too.

The old system was truly old. Being the wife of a programmer/system engineer, you may think that I would live in a technophile/crazy gadget house.


It's almost like the story of the shoemaker and his wife. Our system was a patched-together frankenstein like creation, barely chugging along. When our very very old previous system no longer suited our needs, we were lucky enough to be given a computer by my mother. She won it in a drawing at her office. Yippee? or not

It came with ONLY FLOPPY DRIVES. So, of course my dear hubby simply ordered a cd/rom drive from the manufacturer's web site. Okay so far.....

That was seven years ago. Except for one minor memery card upgrade so the bookworm could play a game sent to her by my in-laws, no further upgrades were undertaken.

Well, Windows 98 sucks, you all know that, but it was working okay for the most part. We have cable ISP, so things ran pretty fast despite our dinosaur-age apparatus. Then the trojans hit.

Suddenly things were dragging. I had no idea what was going on. My hubby realized the problem. In my naivetee, we had no virus/spyware protection. Hence- the next MISERABLE piece of software was installed.

The evil N*rton 2003.


It did rid us of viruses and trojans. But evidently, while I zipped along using my computer, the system I thought was protecting me was actually LOADING my hard drives with crap. They had an application called clean sweep that was supposed to help get rid of unneccesary files. Didn't work. To make an already long, long story short, we realized this, and decided to upgrade to the 2005 version.


My system crashed. 2003 would tell you it was uninstalled, but it really wasn't. The 2005 would not install properly. After screaming, crying, cursing, gnashing of teeth, etc, I gave up. The N*rton web site WOULD NOT HELP ME, because we had clean sweep installed, and it was no longer supported by the EVIL software company. I had no where to go for help, dammit!

After complaining, whining, flattering, demanding, screaming, and then finally thretening to withhold sexual favors, I this week FINALLY convinced the dear hubby that it was time for a new computer. Whew!

Sleek. Black. Pretty.


So, I am back now, if there is anyone still checking here. Good to see you. I have many many entries to make, and will hopefully be updating frequently now that the kiddies are back in school.


mrtl said...

Welcome back!

LadyBug said...

Hi Cristin! Welcome back!

Yes, we're still checking in here, wondering about you. I'm glad you've made it back.

Closet Metro said...

Welcome back.

(I hate Norton. McAffee has always been easier to use for me.)

Rude Cactus said...

Welcome back! Nice to see you again!!

RC said...

When I got a brand new computer I jumped for joy and hit my head on the ceiling, which didn't feel to good, because that hurt!

I know that you don't know me, and I don't know you, but I'm happy that your happy, and that you didn't turn into a Grinch!