Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Can't Do It

I sit here, ruminating on all of the STUFF that has been going on in the Broken houshold the last few months. All summer, either here, or in my in-law's house in Wales, I have found myself thinking 'I should blog this....' quite often. Then, as I sit to write

I can't do it

not without getting completely jammed up thinking about that Hussy Katrina, and the devastation she, and the government, have wreaked on our nation.
Many, many more eloquent bloggers have covered this happening much better than I can. Please go check out Amanda and Southern Fried girl's sites, and help out at verzenagain.com, or donate to the fund going at ramdonandodd, or buy a shirt designed by Scotty G. At the very least, DONATE.

I can't even think about these last few weeks without becoming a hopeless blubbering mass. I have lost the tiny shred of faith I still had left in my government, but I am overwhelmed by the generosity and caring spirit shown by my fellow citizens.

Amanda and Scotty B., Southern Fried Girl and your family, and all of those hurt and displaced by Katrina, you are loved.


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Broken Bindings said...

is that comment spam? Hold me, I feel dirty.

Amanda B. said...

Thankyou sweetheart. Things are getting better here, partly because of people like you who love us and care about people in need.

I smooch you.

RC said...

Most of the time when I have writer block I can't write, but when my hamster duckie gets off my computer then I can.

I hope that Spammer gets his butt kicked, in his butt!

I hope you have a nice weekend, Cristin!

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